White Associates Quantity Surveying

Creating a successful KiwiBuild formula

At a time when the Government’s KiwiBuild Programme is coming under increasing public scrutiny, one Auckland developer is defying the critics by delivering quality homes on a budget.

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White Associates Keystone Trust Quantity Surveying

Supporting the future of our industry with Keystone

At a time of constant pressure on property and construction project deliverability, it is exciting for us to get involved in supporting the future of our industry by signing up to become a sponsor of the Keystone Trust.

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White Associates Quantity Surveyors Jesse Conradie

Introducing Jesse-Paul Conradie - Contract, Dispute & Commercial Specialist

White Associates’ Bank Funding team has been significantly strengthened with the appointment of Jesse-Paul Conradie, who brings a powerful combination of expertise to us across a number of highly relevant disciplines including risk management, dispute avoidance, dispute resolution, construction law, and contracts law.

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White Associates Quantity Surveying


Congratulations to the many amazing awards winners announced recently, honouring the best projects and architecture in Auckland and NZ. The many successful projects included four we’re proud to be involved with.

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White Associates Quantity Surveying

Check Us Out on Instagram

Take a look at our new Instagram page to see how we’re alive and well online. We’re posting regularly in an effort to show you a sample of the projects we’re involved with and the challenges involved in the work we do. Come and join us!


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White Associates Quantity Surveyor NZ Dispute Resolution

Disputes: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure

Jesse-Paul Conradie shares his views on why the current construction environment is unsustainable, and shares his top tips on what can be done to move the dial and prevent disputes from escalating to the destructive extent we have seen over recent months.

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White Associates Quantity Surveyor NZ Funders need to be innovative

Funders' opportunities and challenges

Although 2019 has got off to a positive start with an exciting mix of projects underway, fundamental challenges remain in place in this heated market, and borrowers and funders will need to come up with innovative ways to approach project funding if they want to succeed.

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White Associates Quantity Surveyor NZ Puhinui Park

Creating new community housing at Puhinui Park

Civil works are nearing completion on an inspirational new community housing project at Puhinui Park, Manukau. Find out about why this project is challenging the norms for this type of work.

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White Associates Quantity Surveyor NZ CHC Heritage Facade

Historic facade centrepiece of Christchurch project

In a city that has lost so much building heritage since the earthquakes, an innovative central Christchurch project is refurbishing a historic 120-year-old façade while creating a thoroughly modern and multi-purpose structure behind and around it.

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People, not contracts, are the key to construction success

There’s a lot of talk in the market about procurement, forms of contract and unfair sharing of risks causing major problems on construction projects for companies. Graham White shares his views about why problems are never about forms of procurement or contracts.

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Are you getting the project you want?

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As we approach Christmas, it is not only household budgets that are feeling the strain. The development and construction sectors have been under pressure for a while, and one of the key concerns expressed across both sectors is whether projects are stacking up financially: do they have the financial underpinnings to get to the finish line?

Tastes good, Feels good, Does good

Love caffeine, hate waste? We do. So we’re doing something about it, hooking up with stylish re-usable coffee cups company KeepCup, to cut waste and encourage the use of re-usable cups!

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Six key learnings as Ebert tests retentions law

Now, it has been reported that the receivers for Ebert are taking legal action to test the law (Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015) as they attempt recovery for subcontractors. It is understood that receivers PwC have set aside $9.3m for this purpose, although much of the $36.1 million owed to unsecured creditors will go unpaid, according to the first receivers’ report.

The receivers’ first report on the Ebert Construction Limited (in receivership) has identified some interesting points and learnings.

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Avert disaster: check your retentions now!

The pressure is on for construction companies large and small right now – and for their sub-contractors and suppliers.

Business news channels are buzzing with stories of finance and retention payments related cataclysms, such as the Matrix Homes receivership and the circa $30 million owed to Orange H Group creditors, to name only two.

In turn, this will no doubt cause a cash flow crisis or worse for supply chains, as companies have the biggest downward spiral.

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White Associates strengthens senior leadership team

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve appointed a new Associate Director and a new Principal as part of two internal promotions.

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Returning to former glories: Christchurch's historic Billens building

When one of the most beloved buildings in Christchurch was destroyed, one man took it upon himself to raise it from the ashes.

The end result is something to behold.

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Fletcher's fall out - 3 burning questions

Fletcher Building’s woes are well documented but what effects are these going to have on the rest of the construction industry?

Here’s our take on how the ripples will be felt for some time to come…

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Riverside Farmers’ Market set to lure thousands in Christchurch

An exciting new project is underway that’s set to revitalise the western end of Christchurch’s retail precinct.

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Creating a legacy with the Auckland City Mission

With homelessness at an all-time high, the Auckland City Mission is on a journey to better serve the city’s most vulnerable people.

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White Associates Cure Kids Fight

Fighting in Cure Kids' corner

What happens when a quantity surveyor tries their hand at boxing? Find out what happened when our very own Justin Bearne stepped into the ring…

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White Associates appointed for new unit at Christchurch Men’s Prison

White Associates are pleased to announce that they have been appointed to provide QS services during the construction of a new 20-bed unit at Christchurch Men’s Prison under the Department of Corrections’ Prison Capacity Programme.

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White Associates - How to navigate construction's perfect storm

How to navigate construction's perfect storm

How do you protect yourself from the black cloud looming over the construction industry?

White Associates Director Graham White, a man with 40 years’ industry experience, shares his views.

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Canterbury Build Cover and Column

White Associates in Canterbury Build Magazine

Check out Director Darin Bayer’s column in the latest issue of Canterbury Build Magazine (Metropol, Page 74, July 20 2017).

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White Associates Market Update

What your building is insured for vs. what it would cost TODAY to rebuild

We’re all acutely aware that it costs significantly more to build today than it did a few years ago, or even a few months ago for that matter. We’ve been carrying out insurance reinstatement estimates for some of our commercial clients recently and have unearthed a significant disparity between what a property is insured for compared to what it would cost in today’s market to rebuild. Alongside rising building costs, there are a number of components in the construction process that need to be taken into account.

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The front entrance to Mt Eden Corrections Facility

Breaking ground at Mount Eden Correctional Facility

There have been some exciting new developments on the Prison Capacity Programme with ground now broken at Mount Eden Corrections Facility for the new accommodation block (Building C) for the Department of Corrections.

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Spotlight on Department of Corrections' Prison Capacity Programme

New Zealand’s prison population is soaring and in the last two years has increased at a rate considerably higher than what had been forecast. Consequently, there is significant pressure on prisoner accommodation which has required the government to increase its prison funding.

White Associates are pleased to announce their appointment as the Department of Corrections’ Cost Advisor for their Prison Capacity Programme.

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White Associates Quantity Surveyors are the vital piece to your puzzle

Structure it right and you won't have a problem

The media is awash with stories about apartment developments falling over or asking for more money. We’ve all heard about banks shutting up shop and the desperate need for more houses hampered by the chronic shortage of labour, material delays and their fluctuating prices. Residential developments have been hit the hardest but commercial projects are not immune to these pressures.

There’s no escaping the fact that building in this market is going to cost you more money and your margins will be affected. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a successful, financially viable project.

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Timing is everything: Pressure on project feasibility grows

The pressure is well and truly on for the development and construction community. Developers are seeing rising land prices, material prices are fluctuating, the labour force is stretched, and it’s putting increasing pressure on the feasibility of developments.

We are seeing clients across the development spectrum looking for the return on their investment and this is now largely dependent on early involvement from reputable contractors and the quality of procurement processes being used.

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White Associates Project: Transocean Business Park

Spotlight on Transocean Business Park

Delivering a high-quality industrial business park for our client Transocean Development, created the opportunity for the White Associates team to show off its expertise in the Christchurch industrial market.

We spoke to White Associates project leader Darin Bayer and Transocean Developments Director Jon Howard to find out more about the new, high-quality industrial development and to get some commentary on the challenges and opportunities of the Christchurch market.

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White Associates in the Media

White Associates Features in the Media

Seismic strengthening may be a necessary evil for heritage building owners, but when done well, it can create new value.

Justin Maritz, a principal of property and construction cost consultants White Associates, says that in order to get better seismic outcomes, building owners need to ask the question: can I do this differently? “The rules have relaxed, but building owners shouldn’t,” he says.

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Project Profile: Victoria Residences

Spotlight on Victoria Residences

Construction for the project is already underway, and 92% of residences are already under contract despite only being on the market for 6 months.

White Associates’ have worked closely with BNZ and Conrad Properties on Victoria Residences, conducting due diligence on the project, and ensuring BNZ was comfortable to fund it. Now that construction has begun, White Associates is responsible for monitoring the project key deliverables.

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