Reflecting on 15 years

White Associates Anniversary Logo



With the nation in lockdown, those of us fortunate enough to be able to transport our offices home are now getting used to the ‘new normal workday’.

But today is not just a ‘normal workday‘  for us here at White Associates as we celebrate a great milestone: our 15th anniversary as a business.

So much has happened since White Associates was formed in 2005. We have evolved beyond all recognition in terms of the numbers of people in the team – now 28 – plus the scale of the work we do, the territories we cover across New Zealand, and in the way we work as people, in teams and as a business.

It gives all four of our directors – Darin, Justin, Konrad and Graham – a huge sense of satisfaction to see not only how much the company has grown and evolved over the last fifteen years, but also to still have many clients who have been with White Associates from day one.

Graham White says:

“It makes me enormously proud to step back and see that we have enormous capabilities spread right across New Zealand, which were further strengthened recently when we opened our Queenstown office. The complexity and value of the work we do has increased beyond all recognition, and the way our people work is entirely geared to providing stunning service. I honestly feel that we have no limits on what we can do. I am immensely proud of our team.


“I am most proud of the fact that we are still doing what we always have, which is to embrace people and do things the Whites way. Absolute dependability is still at the heart of what we deliver, as we are emphasising with our special 15-year logo, and looking after our team and creating the right culture have always been huge things for us; we value hugely everyone who works here. Their wellbeing is not just a tick box: it is really important, so even as we work at all times to improve our bottom line we want to do it in a way so people enjoy their work and know that they are valued.”

Konrad Trankels adds,

“Sustainability, development and growth are key themes for the future of White Associates. We want a business that is sustainable long term, so we’ve always got to make sure it is a place of interest for our people. We have always had culture in our minds, and in our view the more responsibility and freedom you give people, the more successful you become. If our people are happy and engaged at work then the rest is straightforward.”

When looking out over the next fifteen years and beyond, he says:

“We need to constantly challenge ourselves in what we do, how we recruit, the technology we use, the way we do things and what we want to achieve for our clients. Our industry has changed has so much over the fifteen years, and buildings are becoming more and more complex in so many ways. If we continue to push and challenge, we will only become more relevant into the future.”