PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Department of Corrections locks in White Associates

White Associates Department of Corrections Project

White Associates are pleased to announce their appointment as the Department of Corrections’ Cost Advisor for their Prison Capacity Programme.

Konrad Trankels says:

“After a thorough tender process we have been engaged as cost consultants on the next Public Private Partnership (PPP) as well as the delivery of a new building, Building C, at Mount Eden Correctional Facility.

We are thrilled with the decision and look forward to working with the Department to meet their objectives, requirements and desired outcomes. Having been involved on both previous Department of Corrections’ PPPs (at Auckland South Corrections Facility and Auckland Prison) we’re well placed to do that.”

New Zealand’s prison population is soaring and in the last two years has increased at a rate considerably higher than what had been forecast. Consequently, there is significant pressure on prisoner accommodation which has required the government to increase its prison funding. Finance Minister Bill English recently said that our climbing prison population is as big a risk to our economy as world interest rates.

Accordingly, the Department of Corrections is investing in a number of medium and long term options to meet capacity and service requirements. Jeremy Lightfoot, Corrections National Commissioner says:

“We’re pleased to have White Associates supporting us throughout this process”

Konrad says:

“We look forward to working with the Department to ensure that services are delivered in an integrated, timely and cost effective manner in accordance with the programme time frames. Our work with the Department has already begun and is expected to continue over the coming years.”