White Associates to open Queenstown office in January

On 28 January 2020 White Associates will be opening its doors in Queenstown.

Led by up-and-coming White Associates Quantity Surveyor Elliot Smith, the new operation will take space in the Fluid shared office space at 10 Memorial Street to offer our full range of estimating, cost planning, construction cost management and funding representation services; the base for White Associates’ work from Christchurch down to Invercargill.

Graham White says, “After talking about this for a long time, and doing more and more work in Queenstown, Christchurch, and across Otago and southland, we are now taking the logical step of establishing a full-time presence on the ground in what is becoming an increasingly important part of the country for us.

“This move to put one of our young leaders on the ground, backed by our full resources in Auckland, has been really well received so far. And now we have the right person to lead our work here, so it is the right time to make the move. It has taken us a while to find the right person to represent us and build our business in the region; someone who meets our high standards and values. This is critically important.

“Elliot is just the person for the job. Not only is he immensely capable but he has also been keen for a while to get involved. As a regular visitor to the region for years, he has the skills to help many businesses across the region and a love of the place itself. Wanting a change in lifestyle with his partner has enabled White Associates to confidently step forward into Queenstown, as Elliot has shown us not just the experience and expertise of what he does on projects but the value he brings to our clients and projects through building solid relationships.” 

“I will also be visiting once a month, as we are working on a number of projects across the region for banks, developers, corporates and QLDC.”

Elliot says, “This is a really exciting time for White Associates, and for me personally. It is great opportunity for White Associates to add value to the market, and for me to further myself as a QS, help grow White Associates in this region, which has such huge potential. I’m really looking forward to making the move next month.”