White Associates strengthens shareholder structure to support growth

White Associates strengthens shareholder structure to support growth

This time last year we announced that at a time of growth we were adding a new director and three new associates.

One year on, it is with great pleasure that on our 18th birthday as a company we are coming of age and announce a new progressive company milestone that is all about further strengthening our leadership and shareholding structure, developing our people and supporting the continued growth of our business into the future.

We have added three new shareholders

Traditionally, White Associates has been owned by shareholding directors. For the first time, as part of our succession planning and our work to provide more opportunities for our team, we have added three minority shareholders who are staff but not directors.

In this first intake, Company Associates Richard Moore, Elliot Smith and Justin Bearne have bought into the business and have become shareholders. All three are well-recognised people within our business, and we are excited that they see a long-term future here.

Konrad says: “Adding new shareholders from within our own ranks is a hugely exciting step for White Associates. We have been talking consistently over the past year about how we set ourselves up for our next steps in our business growth, strengthening our structure and processes while providing a clearer pathway for our people to progress within our company. It is important to note that we will continue to look at our structure as we grow to provide further, future opportunities for people within our business to buy into it. This is not a one-time-only activity.”

“We want to build a strong, stable and rich working environment for our team as we grow, and enable our directors to work on the business as well as with our clients so we can develop and grow further still.”