Client: PwC New Zealand
Location: Christchurch
Year: 2017

Commissioned in 2016, the 7,917m² PwC Centre at 60 Cashel Street occupies a large 2,738 prime freehold site on the corner of Cashel Street and Cambridge Terrace. Built to 130% of the New Zealand Building Standards and Importance Level 3, the six-level office building offers floorplates up to 1,754 square metres, all designed to international premium grade standards and incorporating the latest in structural technology and mechanical and electrical elements designed to NABERSNZ 4.5

The building also offers 103 car parking spaces, 65 of which are accessed on-site via Cashel Street and Cambridge Terrace, while an additional 38 spaces of off-site car parking is provided 85 metres away at 38 Cashel Street.

Roles & Responsibilities: 

White Associates provided bank funding representation.