At White Associates, we know that the work we do – and the way we do it as a team of people – contributes to the sustainability of the economic, social, environmental, and cultural world we inhabit.

We want to be contributors to our world, not a drain on it. To do this:

  • We understand that we are a team of people who enable projects to take place through identifying risks and dependable costs through the lifecycle of each asset we’re involved with (and some for many decades). We affect the sustainability of outcomes in the processes we select and recommend.
  • We also play a role in the stewardship of the health, safety and environment of the people around us – now and into the future.

In the areas of sustainability and the environment we are actively working across the following areas:

  1. Environmental responsibility
  2. Carbon efficiency/ reduction
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Sustainable transport
  5. Sustainable procurement

We apply our approach

  • In our company’s operations – in our offices, the way we do business, the way we support our communities, and in the way we engage our people and those around us
  • On our projects – in the advice and recommendations we give, and the downstream procurement processes we can influence as part of our role.


We’re proud to be affiliated with The Sustainable Business Network – New Zealand’s largest, longest-standing sustainable business organisation – who provide us with practical advice and tools that ensures we continually work towards improving our sustainability performance.